The Effectiveness and Safety of Hemp Oil for Dogs

The number of reputable vets recommending the use of hemp oil for dogs to help alleviate various types of sleep disorders is continuously increasing, and as a result, hemp oil for dogs use is becoming much more popular every day.  More specifically, some pet owners are wondering if it is safe to prescribe hemp oil for dogs, and would it work? And the answer to this is yes—hemp oil for dogs will work and it is just as safe for dogs as it is for humans.

Hemp Oil for Dogs Benefits

When to Give Hemp Oil to Your Dog

There are several situations in which hemp oil for dogs may not only be acceptable, but actually recommended. For example, some dogs may have trouble sleeping through the night, and their sleeplessness can cause them to howl, bark, or disturb you (and your neighbors!) when you sleep.

Some dogs may also benefit from hemp oil for dogs when they are obviously suffering from separation anxiety, as it can help them feel more relaxed. The dog’s anxiety and stress may also be caused by loud noises such as thunder and fireworks, and the fear these noises can create may become so severe that it can cause seizures. hemp for dogs can calm these dogs down, and their anxiety levels can revert to normal levels.

Finally, there are certain cases in which dogs have become so disturbed and agitated that calming them down quickly is a necessity. Traditionally, vets have used tranquilizers for this purpose, even though this medication can cause many unwanted side effects. Taking too much tranquilizers or too frequently can cause dogs to become depressed or to even hallucinate.

Now, an increasing number of vets have begun prescribing hemp oil for dogs instead. Hemp for dogs is just as effective, but it’s also much safer than tranquilizers.

Proper Dosage

Like humans, dogs have different reactions to medications and supplements including hemp oil. It may be a good idea for pet owners to consult their vets first in order to make sure that the proper dosage is administered.

However, there are some very general rules you can follow when you give your dog hemp oil. Medium sized dogs weighing anywhere from 35 to 100 pounds may safely receive 3mg of hemp three times a day. Smaller dogs should have their dosage reduced to 1 or 1.5 mg, while larger dogs should have their dosage increased to at least 6mg three times a day.

Safety Issues

In general, hemp oil for dogs for dogs is safe. However, just like people, some dogs may be sensitive to hemp. You should reduce the dosage if your dog becomes overly lethargic during the day. Hemp for dogs may also disrupt reproductive cycles in female dogs, and it is also not recommended to give hemp to pregnant and breastfeeding dogs. But aside from these issues, hemp is safe for dogs. Give them hemp to help them sleep through the night, and perhaps you can sleep more soundly as well.

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