Get Selfie-ready by Hugging off a Cashmere Pashmina with Different Colours

Blue Cashmere Pashmina

By the time you are going through this write-up, millions are selfies are getting stacked up in millions of mobiles.

Not to deny, girls love selfies.

And need to accept, girls, get the perfect selfies after several failed attempts.


Well, you can achieve to capture a great selfie on those special days/events if you know how to dress right.

The easiest way to have a perfect a get-up is by accessorizing your outfit by a pashmina. Known for its high quality fibers, this pashmina comes from the highlands of Kashmir, Tibet and Nepal.

In fact, the pashmina is available in a variety of colors and patterns have eventually become an emblem of luxury and elegance. However, furnishing your selfie-ready look let the pick of the bunch this time be a blue colored cashmere pashmina.

Read on!

  • Make your selfie shimmer in white

Chic, classy, posh, quintessential…the list goes on if you want to describe white. So, get an electrifying look by combining blue and white in the best possible way.

Create a subtle and appealing appearance for those high-end affairs by sporting a white dress. Like this lovely Izabel Flower Stamp Summer Dress.

Make the major tweak by wearing the inimitable blue cashmere pashmina like a loose shawl covering off your shoulders.


Light check

Angle check

Filter check (ahem)

There you go with a hundred-hearted selfie.

[Bonus tip: Amplify the look by taking a mishmash gold clutch and wearing golden earrings.]

  • Look phenomenal in purple

Purple owing to its warmth hue, and richness easily brings out the brighter you even in dim lights. Most importantly, when paired with blue, the combo is undeniably jaw-dropping.

Get the proof for yourself, if you choose to wear an outfit in purple like the Scarlet and Jo plus knot Front Tunic. Complement the look by draping your blue cashmere pashmina like a scarf around your neck. What next?

Dazzle like a star in your mobile screen with a beautiful appearance.

  • Orange is ah-mazing

Fashion mongers say orange is the happiest colour. And for the selfie lovers, it’s the selfie-friendly colours.

Moreover, when paired along with a golden wrap, orange-gold gives the best colour combination for your Insta selfies.

For instance, consider wearing a coral or orange cold shoulder top along with black/white ankle length bottom wear. Rejuvenate the get-up and look like a star in your selfies by throwing your spellbinding blue pashmina like a stole.

This smart looking Crochet Lace Cold Shoulder Top is a good option replicating the hack above.

You may further accessorise your look, by making a high ponytail with tassel earrings.

However, apart from the given colours, you can also try your hands with several other colours to couple with the blue pashmina. Some of the shades that will make you look a stark and sensational appearance are:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Royal Blue

That’s a wrap for today. Try out these wardrobe hacks with a blue pashmina and be a selfie star amongst your squad.

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