Exhibition Bob Morse and Mabel Odessey


Coming up very soon, a exhibition at the beautiful Chapelle St Loup in St Loubes 10 km from Bordeaux. the exhibition will be an eclectic mix of pinhole photography and collage. The title of the exhibition program is “the invited invites”. The organiser Siona Brotman an artist in her own right has created a vibrant exhibition space in this small village on the outskirts of Bordeaux. She invites artists from a range of disciplines to not only exhibit work at the chapel but use the unique space to create dialogues between artists and invest the space so that visitors are immersed the atmosphere of the place and the artworks. Siona also runs a workshop program alongside the exhibitions with a workshop space just adjacent to the chapel.

Alongside the exhibition we will build a walk-in camera obscura in the chapel gardens and there and I will teach a 2 day pinhole workshop on the weekend of the 25-26 January. There are still one or two places available for anyone who wishes to sign up.

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