Alice Through the Pinhole


Alice through the Pinhole is a recent body of work that explores « Alice in Wonderland » and « Through the Looking Glass » using a pinhole camera and a series of artist made marionettes from the 1940s.

Perception, time, and identity are at the core of both the books and my photographic work. The pinhole camera requires long exposures and the image quality is often dreamlike. Areas of sharpness alternate with fuzziness and ghostly shadows. The images communicate like memory in which layers of clarity, forgetfulness and imagination create our own reality.

The books and my working method share many common threads. They both date back to Victorian times, yet the modern photographer, like the reader, brings to them a contemporary point of view. These photographs illicit a new understanding, while a Victorian framework remains present like a ghost. The use of the marionettes gives a playfulness to the work and is analogue to Carroll’s use of nonsense.

Underlying these themes I also considered the Alice books from a philosophical perspective. The adventure starts when Alice goes down the rabbit hole, to an inner world projected by her mind. She crosses the chessboard, becomes a queen, and wakes up—is this not a spiritual journey?

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