Exhibition at the Galerie at Collège Jean Jaurés Castres

The opening of ‘Lignes de Vies – Castres’, was a great opportunity to bring people of all ages together around the questions of old age and dying. The works created a quiet and meditative atmosphere in  the gallery. The visually the long panels going from deep blue to white were powerful metaphors for our lives which begin as a liquid soup in our mother’s womb and fade with old age till we reach the clear light of death.  Thank you to all the poeple who made it possible: the old folks, Mme Peyre,the director and Kathy Gardies, the activities manager of the EHPAD Agir, M.Tandi, the director of the collège Jean Jaurès, Christophe Mas the art teacher, Gary Waters for his unconditional love and support and Christophe Bertraneu and the imprimerie Larrieu.

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