Lifelines at Lacrouzette


Mme Clementine Alves 100 years old

Spring the season of beginnings, and new projects are off to a flying start. The DRAC (Direction Regional de l’Art et Culture) et the ARS (Agence Regionale de Santé) have generously funded 2 new projects with 2 Nursing homes : the Residence du Maillol in Lacrouzettze and EHPAD Agir in Castres.

I am continuing the series of pinhole portraits of hands with the residents. Meetings with people in their nineties who have so much to give, and with great humility they share their stories and vulnerability with me. The residents are a little bemused by me, strange accent, strange camera strange idea of what to photograph but very open and wiling to have a go. We chat as the film  gets exposed. Their adaptability and good humor seem to make the decline and difficulties of old age bearable. Those people locked in their memories seem sadder and more vacant. The project feels more relevant than ever. The reality of twisted and wrinkled hands with skin that resembles paper, each ridge worn in with time and effort that contrasts the images we are inundated of youth, skin without pores or hair – perfect and without humanity. One image,  the unattainable and the other the inevitable.

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