New Installation of Alice through the Pinhole


alice fall 3


A new version of the installation Alice through the Pinhole will be on show at the Chateau de Valtoret, St Amans de Valtoret, Tarn, France.

As part of the Festival “Champs d’Iris” Mabel is showing a selection of work from the series “Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass”. The exhibition is in the beautiful orangerie of this 17th century castle. In contrast to the darkness and shadows of the Chateau de Lacaze this installation promises a different context for the work, that will transform the experience.

The Festival “Champs d’Iris” is in its third year, the exhibitions this year include, works by the artist in residence Yona Maassen, an interactive event with photobooths in Labruguière, and in the Chateau de Valtoret alongside “Alice through the Pinhole” will be a selection of works from the collection of Chateau D’Eau (the longest running photography in the south of France, created by Jean Dieuzede). Read more about the festival at

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