“Off with his head!”


It is only fitting that in wonderland where everything is back to front and topsy turvy the queen of hearts should be entirely heartless. Lewis Carroll described her as the embodiment of blind fury. Not only is the queen heartless she is intolerant and without patience.  The anger that is just bubbling beneath the surface at all times is born from fear. The expression “attack is the best defense”  shows the how anger activates  in identity threatening situations .

Alice must confront the queen on several occasions in order to realise the true nature of things and abandon fear. She witnesses the fear the queen engenders in all the wonderland characters first when she meets the white rabbit, then the gardeners, hatter and others.  She must remind herself that the queen is merely a playing card. A merely labelled tyrant, who commands executions for any reason but does not enforce them. Her power does not lie in her actions but the illusion of her power perceived by all the other wonderland characters.

At the trial, as Alice lets go and finds herself growing, becoming a giant, she fully realises how ridiculous the queen is and she ceases to have any more power.  This change in Alice’s outward appearance mirrors her inner change. Alice grown large finally confronts  ignorance, by realising the reality of the queen she slays the whole pack of cards and wakes up. Awakening is just another word for enlightenment.

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