Bringing Generations Together for Hope and Dignity

Tomorrow after months of planning the first of the inter-generational photo shoots will happen at the St Vincent Nursing Home in Lacaune France. The project is a continuation of the pinhole photography project Lifelines that I have been working on since January. Through the weekly  sessions, photographing with the pinhole camera the hands of the residents I have gained their trust to photograph their faces.  The residents of the nursing home and students of the local jr highschool (collège de Lacaune) have agreed to photograph each other. These portraits will be printed as large posters and pasted on the walls of the village. Strangely, in big cities where people feel anonymous they are happy to have their faces pasted outside, however in a small village where everyone knows each other there is a lot of hesitation. The work is  part of the international InsideOut project (

We will be taking the old folks out of the nursing home where they often fell isolated and “exiled”. The images aim to challenge stereotypes of old age and nursing homes. The interaction with 12-13 year olds will be a rich exchange from both sides. The students have to overcome their fears and preconceptions to enter the nursing home.   For the residents, the chance to meet new people and exchange with them is joyful. I hope the posters will get people thinking about old age  and how we need to find better solutions for our elders.

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