Update Project Lifelines

Enthusiasm is building at the nursing home St Vincent in Lacaune. Its my fourth session and people are dropping in curious about whats happening. The photographs are improving as are the stories. I am realising that these people hold a treasury of experience that reveals postwar experience in rural France. Talking mostly to women, I become aware  of their determination and strength to  defy convention and break out of social and religious molds. How often do you meet a hundred year old ex-miner  in great health laughing and writing poetry. Next week I am going to try and find out his secret to old age.

Gaining the confidence of the residents and workers, the project is growing beyond pinholes of  hands. I have started  ‘INSIDE OUT’ Lacaune and have invited the local middle school to take part in the project. Crossing generations the kids will photograph the residents and then the residents will photograph the young ones. Will I manage to get everyone laughing in front of the camera ? Why don’t we see more old people laughing ? Look for us this spring on the Inside Out Project.


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