Just as I am thinking about an outdoor installation for Alice this year, I received a link to a film made about my installation at the Château de Lacaze, (Tarn France) last May. The film was made by Josefine Adjdelbaum of Télédebout.  This  feminist video network based in Toulouse provides expertise, education and filmmaking skills to women in all walks of life and via their website raises consciousness.

They came up to visit me and make a film about the Alice project. Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are astounding books so rich in metaphor, philosophy and fun they uncover more and levels with each reading. The characters unlike the Disney film are not cuddly at all, but mysterious and often menacing, this is the atmosphere I set out to create. The medieval Château in Lacaze lent itself perfectly to the concept. I decided to create a very non-traditional exhibition. Images were printed different sizes and hung at different levels forcing people to bend and stretch to see the pictures. The frames were a mix bought from second-hand shops and boot sales. I tried to make the experience resemble Alice’s discovery of the different characters in Lewis Carroll’s books. Interspersed with the photographs were quotes from the book leading the viewer further into the nonsense world of Lewis Carroll.

For anyone who didn’t get a chance to come to Lacaze and see the exhibition you can check out this link. I speak in French but there are some great shots of the château and my photos. http://teledebout.org/index.php?page=stenope

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